Portfolio Investments

Wolf Logo

Location: Waco, Texas
Website: www.wolfmfg.com
Industry: Consumer Products

Wolf Manufacturing provides a full range of high quality travel and comfort products including neck and travel pillows, fleece throws, stadium blankets, nursing pillows and related products.

TAS Logo

Location:  Fort Worth, Texas
Website:   www.taslp.com
Industry:   Environmental services

TAS Environmental Services provides a comprehensive suite of environmental services including emergency response, remediation, industrial services, transportation, pipeline maintenance and related services. TAS has experienced significant growth since its founding in 2004 and currently operates in nine locations in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Kansas.

Tolero Logo

Location:   Sacramento, California
Website:    www.toleroenergy.com
Industry:    Renewable fuel

Tolero Energy maintains the exclusive rights to pyrolysis technology that enables it to produce transportation fuel directly from waste biomass. This proprietary process can quickly and cost-effectively convert forest, agricultural, and other cellulosic non-food based waste biomass into renewable liquid transportation fuel.